Greg Child

During Greg's 30-year climbing career, he's conquered 5.13 routes, A5 big walls and the highest peaks in the Himalayas, namely Everest and K2. Greg's climbing roots lead back to his native Australia, where he was a teenage collector of snakes. When a deadly tiger snake bit him, he turned to safer activities- such as rock climbing. Greg has had a hugely successful climbing career, reaching many summits, and making many first ascents. Greg latest adventures include searching for the ancient and vanished Anasazi culture, and he recently traversed Comb Ridge for 120 miles, with Dave Roberts, discovering many hidden Anasazi wonders. This adventure has been made into a book "Sandstone Spine" written by Dave Roberts, with photography by Greg. Greg has authored many books, and has written many articles.

Greg on top of Everest