Adventure Racing

Adventure races are designed to test you, your athletic endurance and your mental capacity to the limit. For many years, Moab Desert Adventures has worked with Race Directors and Course Directors on Adventure Races such as Primal Quest and Adventure Xstream. We have designed, help design and install the ropes sections on the race courses and provided safety personnel. To participate in these races, it is required by each racer to have a rappelling certification and a knowledge of the necessary technical rope work that will be encountered during a particular adventure race. Many racers opt for getting a certification through their local climbing gym, but this does not necessarily represent a realistic version of what you can expect when you come to step off a cliff edge that could be nearly 300 ft high. Moab Desert Adventures is approved by the Adventure Race providers to provide instruction and certification in rappelling and technical rope work. We have set up a schedule of dates and courses for the relevant races to enable you and your team members to become familiar with necessary rope techniques that will be encountered on the races you are participating in. A more detailed description of the ropes course training for each race can be found at the links below.

Primal Quest

Adventure Xstream