Moab Desert Adventures


Hidden throughout the Utah desert are slot canyons carved hundreds of feet deep into the ancient sandstone, sometimes so narrow that you can touch both sides at once. These remote canyons see few visitors, and only by the use of ropes for rappelling and rock scrambling can their narrow passages be navigated. Adventures in the canyons around Moab are scenic and you don't need any previous experience to enjoy them. These Moab canyon trips are perfect for families, groups and individuals, and are a terrific introduction to climbing, rappelling and the Utah desert. Below, you can read a description of each canyon trip that we offer.

New for 2008, we are offering a family package for our canyoneering trips, for a great affordable adventure the whole family will enjoy. Check our rates page for prices.

Morning Glory

One of Moab's hidden gems, this is an excursion that has some fascinating rock architecture. The trip start high up on the slick rock above Moab, and winds its way down into a ever narrowing canyon. One rappel into the hidden chamber brings you to the top of Morning Glory arch, where a spectacular free hanging rappel from the arch brings you into another canyon. A lovely hike down the canyon, criss crossing over several stream crossings is the finale to this superb trip.

Half Day - Easy - Moderate

Rappelling into the Medieval Chamber

The Mystery Tour

This magical mystery tour is a loop which holds your interest. As you follow the stream bed through the twisting sandstone canyon, you work your way up, over, around and ever under many boulders and rock ledges until you emerge amongst the weird and wonderful Mystery Towers. Sitting at the base of "The Gothic Nightmare" is a great place for a picnic before you head down into another labyrinth canyon, with a short rappel, and the final hike back to the start.

Half Day - Easy - Moderate

Entrajo Canyon

As you venture through this canyon, you can marvel at the forces of nature as you pass through these beautifully sculpted twisting passages, immaculately carved by the passing of water. This canyon is packed with excitement as you negotiate rappels and wade through chest deep water balancing your pack on your head. This canyon is a thrill and a great taster of bigger canyons.

Half Day - Moderate

Water wading in Entrajo

Cameltoe Canyon

If you are wanting a taster for canyoneering, but not quite ready for the bigger rappels, then Cameltoe is a good starter. This half day outing wanders along the rim of a large and beautiful canyon until it is possible to dive down into the canyon bottom, where it narrows to a narrow slot section with pools to wade through with a short 40 foot rappel. Then you can follow the canyon bottom until returning to the start.

Half Day - Easy

Plaedies Canyon

An exhilariting adventure. This trip is a fantastic summer outing, when you are trying to avoid the heat and keep cool. As you head into this canyon, a series of rappels snake their way ever downwards. As you look down into the disappearing waterfalls, you have a feeling that you could be disappearing into infinity as the view below eludes you until you are sliding down the rope. You are surrounding by beautiful emerald green mosses and water worn rocks and boulders, as you weave your way through the elegantly carved water shutes.

Full Day - Moderate


Hidden Splendor

One of our most popular trips, this canyoneering loop is a perfect trip for first time canyoneers and adventurous hikers. Hidden Splendor takes you into a land of giant rock fins, narrow slots and sudden drop offs. There are breathtaking views, secret arches, two rappels and a little rock scrambling. Depending on the time of year, you can even encounter some water in the slots which is easily waded through, but adds a real flavor to the adventure.

Full Day - Moderate

In the slot canyon