Since the conception of Chicks on Cracks, we have endeavoured to put something back into our community. Each year we have worked closely with Seekhaven, a local women's shelter and family crisis center, and through our public raffles and silent auction with prizes generously donated by our sponsors, and slide shows, we have raised a total of over $8000 which goes to Seekhaven. The full proceeds of the slide shows, raffles and auctions go directly to Seekhaven. This year we will do the same and hope to top our last year's total.

We also provide scholarship places which are available to local Moab women, to encourage them to participate in our event, so they can learn invaluable skills taught in the rope safety and self rescue clinics, and form a group of like minded women climbers in our community.

So come and join us, and help us provide support to our community. Thank you.

If you are a local Moab woman, and would like to be considered for a scholarship place, please contact me at Places are limited and are on a first come first served basis.


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