Moab Desert Adventures

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John and Katie Erickson

In February, 2005 I did not know what "crack climbing" was. In March, 2005 I was guided at Indian Creek by Dave and Emma Medara. On my third day, they had instructed me such that I was able to toprope Wounded Knee on the Pistol Whipped Wall three times. I returned to Chicago and practiced on the cracks in the Vertical Endeavors climbing gym in Warrenville, IL. Dave Medara gave me email guidance and Patrick Dziurdzik of Vertical Endeavors worked with me for the next three months on improving my crack skills. In early May, 2005 my 13 y/o daughter began rock climbing. In June, 2005 my daughter and I were guided by Dave and Emma at Indian Creek, Mill Creek and Potash Road. During this trip, my daughter laybacked Petrelli Motors and I toproped Pente! Furthermore, Emma helped Katie learn to belay me (and I weigh twice as much as her). We have been extremely pleased with our progress and will be returning to Moab Desert Adventures in the future. We happily recommend that others take advantage of their services. John & Katie Erickson

John on Pente 5.11, Indian Creek Katie at the top of a 5.10, Indian Creek Katie cruising a 5.8 at Wall Street Katie showing some excellent technique

The Ferrari Family

The Ferarri Family visited Moab in August 2005, and went on a family canyoneering trip with Dave Medara. Jorge and Rebecca and their three kids; Luca (10 yrs), Marco (8 yrs) and Nina (6 yrs) all had a wonderful time.

The Ferrari Family and Dave at the base of the last rappel Nina Ferrari and Dave having done the last rappel

Thanks for everything... our experience was better than we could have hoped... Zack was a great guide and companion. - Dennis Yonkin & Randy Di Paulo - May 2006


Thank you very much for setting me up with Zack. He is a great guide and he was fun to be around. It was a lifetime highlight for me to get to the top of Castleton. You guys are number one in the guiding business as far as I am concerned.
William Paulus - April 2006

Colorado Academy

Dear Emma and Dave,

Thank you once again for providing my students with another amazing interim experience.  The group's positive attitudes coupled with your willingness to challenge them in Mill Creek made for an invigorating experience.  I am grateful to you, Greg, and especially Zack.  He is indeed an asset to your staff. - Luis Terrazas, Colorado Academy, May 2006.

Hi Moab Desert Adventures

I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how awesome the Hidden Splendor trip was that I took on 5.29.2006. I do a lot of traveling and I must say the professionalism of this company along with the highly experienced tour guide, made this a memory forever.

Greg was our guide and I must say, he was so nice, and his knowledge and smarts really made me feel comfortable knowing I was out doing these activities with someone who was experienced.

You guys ROCK, Greg was AWESOME….I cant wait to come back to Moab and do the next level up…this really was a trip that we will remember forever.

Thanks again, Greg good luck and call me next time you are in NYC. Ill show you good pizza like you showed me good climbing!!!!!!

Evan Aldman, May 2006

Thanks for providing us an exceptional guide for our Canyoneering trip that
we booked with you about a month ago.

Please let Greg (Child) know how much we appreciated him guiding us.  He was
so nice, patient and, (of course) so well skilled; we had the perfect mix of
adventure and security recognizing his elite abilities.

I realized he was most likely a famous climber late in our adventure, as he
mentioned K2 and Everest, due to a probing question.

It was my husband who knew right away as I asked if he knew a Greg who had
climbed K2.  I think my husband was disappointed to have missed the
opportunity to not go with us and meet one of the most elite climbers of our
time.  My husband pulled one of Greg's books from our home library, which I
read and really enjoyed. 

I will highly recommend your guide service and look forward to booking again
with you in the near future.  In the unlikely event that Greg would be
available, it would be great to have him as our guide again.

Thanks! Lynn Linzell - June 2006

Dave, I want to thank you again for the Corona Arch trip. Chip and I were looking for something memorable to do together and the Corona Arch rappel was perfect. You could not have picked a better outing that would combine such canyon country beauty, a revisiting of climbing skills and equipment, and have it fall within my physical capabilities. You read us just right.

We were also impressed with your professionalism. And we've had enough experience to be able to appreciate how capable you are. We always felt safe even though wet sandstone was a new experience. We now realize it is a lot more solid than we thought.

All my best to you and Emma and again my heartfelt thanks for a trip that I will always fondly remember.

Sterling Bowen - October 2006

Zack was absolutely wonderful, and the climb itself was fantastic. I just want to say one more time thank you! It was great!

Lena Temov - Ancient Art, April 2007


We do not have words to express the appreciation of the great adventure we had on Castleton Tower. While Rebecca did miss the tower climb, ALL of us had maybe our best day ever spending the day on and around Castleton Tower. Zack did a superb job in getting Sam and I up the North Chimney.

Gary Falls - Castleton Tower, May 2008