Past Experiences

This will be our fourth year of Chicks on Cracks. Here are some images from the previous events and some testimonials of Chicks on Cracks participants.

Click here to see a great set of images taken by Eric Odenthal of this year's 2006 event.

Click here to see a great set of images taken by Ben Lowe from England of the 2005 event.

Some testimonials from Chicks on Cracks participants:

"Just wanted to say it was very nice meeting you at CHOCS! You and Lisa were stupendous and the event was great, very well organized and just perfect, even for me, a beginner. I was very impressed. I learned alot and I definitely want to come back soon to Indian Creek so I can crack climb better. Thanks again, you and Lisa were the best! I also liked Heidi and Jenn!" - Nicki Branch - Chicks on Cracks Particpant 2006. Check out Nicki's photos here.

"Just wanted to let you know that I had a BLAST this weekend!  I went with no forseen expectations since I had never really crack climbed before, but left estatic that I was able to complete a few climbs!  It was great meeting and working with all of the guides.  Awesome time!!  It was wonderful to climb with a bunch of women...a lot less stressful than climbing with my boyfriend!
Thanks again for putting together a great weekend.  I will see you next year, if not sooner out climbing around Moab!"
Liz Glowiak - Chicks on Cracks Participant 2006

"It is hard to bring my enthusiasm into words - the CHOCS was a really GREAT weekend, and one thing I know for sure is, that I want to come back to Moab for some more Crack Climbing. If not this year, then for sure next year... and for sure more than only 3 days! And if it is in November, of course I'll attend the CHOCS again. I enjoyed so much meeting climbing girls from all over the US. Additionally, as for me this was the first time I climbed any crack, it was so great to have all the guides hanging in topropes so I could just try and try and try as much as possible - and even get some coaching! It was also good to see the slideshows of Heidi and Katie - it is touching me more to see strong women climbers than men climbers (they have too much power in their bizeps anyway.....)!" - Nicole de Zeeuw, Switzerland - Chicks on Cracks Participant in 2005.

"CHOCS was awesome...and the crack climbing was beyond anything I've ever imagined or done !!! What a terrific way to combine fun with making a contribution for a worthy cause. Emma, you and Lisa (and all the others who helped to organize, etc.) went way beyond expectations to "set the tone" for the group. Thanks a million for the experience....and I'm sure I'll be there again in November." - Sharon R. Miller - Chicks on Cracks Participant in 2005.

"What a great trip! Amazing scenery, wild climbing, and the astonishing support you get from hanging with an incredibly generous and talented group of women. It gave me the guts to try things I would never have pushed myself to do before." - Sue Kennedy - Chicks on Cracks participant in 2003 and 2004.

"I strongly recommend Chicks on Crack for anyone who wants to raise their bar of climbing. The skills, techniques and confidence gained in the clinic was tremendous. I greatly appreciate the support and camaraderie of all the participants and the helpfulness of the staff. Lisa and Emma did a wonderful job in organizing and smoothly running a great clinic. I am thankful that the proceeds will benefit and support Seekhaven" - Yvonne Ching D'Andrea - Chicks on Cracks participant in 2004.

"I participated in my first all womens event; the chicks on cracks clinic, and I had an amazing time. I went into it thinking that I might not enjoy an all girls event as much as a mixed group. I was greatly mistaken. I couldn't believe how go for it and supportive everyone was. The women came from all over the United States yet it was as if we had all met before. It's nice to be around such a strong and friendly group of women and I will definately be back this year. As far as the instructors go I can't say enough. How incredible it is to sign up for my first lesson in climbing and work with a group of world class instructors. They were all amazing climbers and teachers and down to earth. The instructors were patient and taught the essential tactics of crack climbing. I had never climbed before and within the first day I was climbing hard routes up to 5.11. The second day we showed up to our climbing site, they set up approximately 10 routes, and we had a free for all for the entire day. You can't get a better set up than that. It was honestly one of the most thrilling experiences of my life - Shannon Nobis Scherer - Chicks on Cracks participant in 2004.

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