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Celebrating 20 years as Moab's most legendary guide service for rock climbing and canyoneering. Fully staffed by AMGA-certified guides. Guided by Passion since 1998

Location Scouting for Film & Photo Shoots, Technical Rigging, and Talent Acquisition.

Moab Desert Adventures provides specialized rigging, location scouting and talent acquisition for film and photo shoots, television, and other productions. As rock climbers, canyoneers, and desert explorers, our work has taken us to many of the most beautiful and hard to access places in the Canyonlands region. Rest assured that we have the skills and equipment to get your production to some very unique places. With in-depth knowledge of the Moab area and beyond, as well as significant experience working in the industry, we know where to go, how to get there, and how to achieve the most spectacular desert shots you’ve ever seen. We can get you to places you probably didn't think possible, and we pride ourselves in making it happen.

With an awareness of film industry needs, we aim to provide your production with the desired result, on time and within budget. Understanding that film work often revolves around last minute notices and tight time frames, we stay flexible and work with your schedule to provide multiple options for shoots, unparalleled safety, and professional rigging. Our location scouts, with over 50 years spent combing the deserts, have worked with numerous productions, and know exactly where to go to get the shot you are looking for.

We are also able to help with finding suitable talent for the job required, whether it be lifestyle shoots, rock climbing, biking, running, yoga, anything - we can connect you with an experienced group of local folks who are familiar with the needs of the industry.

Moab Desert Adventures is fully permitted to operate on BLM and Forest Service lands. Our working relationships with various local land managers is a foot in the door when getting permits for your production. We’ve jumped through the hoops many times, and can provide you with expert guidance when it comes to communicating and permitting with local land agencies. 

Call us up at 804-814-3872 or send an email so we can get started with your production!

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